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Ultrafiltration for depyrogenation of ultrapure water

Typically, this device is used in the pharmaceutical and biomedical sectors to ultra-filtrate water and aqueous solutions. The filter is mounted downstream with respect to a pre-treatment system, normally consisting in a reverse osmosis system; it ensures a high degree of purity of the liquid, achieving complete removal of bacteria and viruses and a reduction of endotoxin contamination of at least 5 log units.

In these applications, the ultrafiltration elements are periodically subjected to stringent disinfection cycles based on processes of the physical type (recirculation of water in the liquid phase at a temperature of 90 ÷ 95 °C) or processes of the chemical  type (circulation of aqueous solutions of sodium hypochlorite, peroxyacetic acid and other disinfectants).

The element can be used as a traditional filter or in a cross-flow filtration regime; in this case purging is carried out continuously or at intervals, to reduce the accumulation of impurities and thus extend the life of the product. Cleaning/sanitization can be done in equi-current or counter-current conditions.

As far as flow rates are concerned, the ultra-filtration membrane with a cut-off of approximately 15 kDa fed with a reverse-osmosis permeate is capable of supplying on a continuous basis specific flow rates of 100 l/(h x m2 x bar); as feed pressures of 1-1.5 bar are normally used, a DiaPure® 28 module will provide flow rates of 280-420 l./h. Higher flow rates are obtainable by installing multiple modules in parallel.

The structure of the filtration device consists of three connectors. The first connects the inputs of the filters to the supply pipe of the water to be ultra-filtered; the second connects the output of the filters to the pipe that conveys the ultrapure water to the point of use and the third connects the side connectors, through which it is possible to completely expel the air from the compartment which is external with respect to the fibres for the proper performance of startup of the filtration system or, alternatively, to effect periodical purges of liquid.

The system features rapid-connection fittings for Hansen couplings in order to facilitate the installation/replacement of individual modules on the ultrapure water manufacturing device. Other types of couplings can be provided according to specific needs.

Model list

UF hollow fiber module

UF hollow fiber module

€ 220.00

DiaPure® 28

UF - 15000 Da

€ 240.00